About us!

We are an Argentine company focused on the development and sale of chemical products for the hygene and cleaning organizations. We are defined by our values, the commitment and loyalty with our clients, the passion on what we do and the fraternity among all the ones who belong to SEIQ GROUP.

We are constantly looking for improving and, on the way, we asses our clients so that they can offer inmediate answer related to the uses and applications of our non environmental impact new products.

We are present in all Argentina and this is possible thanks to our valuable clients network. We provide institutions and organizations through our 300 different products we produce. They are based on cleaning, lubrication, maintenance and protection.
The most complete line in our country.

Our 30 years of experience in the market and our characteristical innovative spirit, are for us our combination for evolution.

The only possibility of discovering the limits
of possibility is, to adventure a little far
from them, towards the possible”
– Arthur C. Clarke –